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Souls knit together: one wife’s thoughts on love in marriage

Marriage is the most intimate of relationships on earth. It is the sacred place in which two people are united before God, joined together as one. Spouses should share deep affection, lasting love, and fulfilling physical intimacy – married people can be the best of friends, the most devoted servants and the most passionate lovers. In our society, marriage is undermined at every turn and the sacred bond ignored by whims of man. Sadly, even in godly homes, many fail to teach their children about the beauty of marriage — in word and by example!

God’s word describes the strength of the friendship between Jonathan and David this way, “And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.”(I Samuel 18:1). This is a beautiful example of love between friends — but I also believe it is a wonderful example of how spouses should love one another. I often use the term ‘soul mates’ to describe myself and my beloved. I personally feel that this term illustrates our relationship quite well. Some see the term differently and avoid it. Here’s why I use it. Consider these two definitions of the word soul mate: 1.) two persons compatible with each other in disposition, point of view, or sensitivity. (The American Heritage Dictionary, 2009) 2.) a person for whom one has a deep affinity, esp a lover, wife, husband, etc. (Collins English Dictionary, 2003).

When I say ‘soul mate’ I am not referring to the idea in Plato’s Symposium … the idea that we are two parts that were separated by the Greek god, Zeus, and are somehow cursed to search for our other half. I am speaking of two hearts united by love, by vows to the one true God, and joined together by Him. This is how our souls are knit together. Love and devotion to one another (and most importantly to God) should encourage spouses to dwell together in unity. Good marriages are made up of many different personalities. No two marriages are exactly alike. No matter how deeply kindred, no two people are exactly alike. The strength of my husband compliments my weakness and my strength compliments his weakness. We are compatible because we have learned to work together. We share a deep affinity because we love one another deeply, but mostly because we love God and believe in His gift of married love.

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