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Books that move me

Sally - The countFrom the time I first learned to read, I have enjoyed reading more than any other hobby. After considering majors in Journalism, Criminal Justice, and Elementary Education, I finally decided that nothing would suit me as much as English Literature. Over the years I have read more books than I could ever count. Some I determined never to read again. Others I enjoyed the first time, but never felt compelled to read again. Some I have read over and over again. Included in this list are books that I’ve read and re-read — some dozens of times over the years. For some reason, in my vast library, these ‘call’ to me the most. I like them for different reasons — one was read to me as a child and represents something lovely. One was assigned reading in high school and challenged the way I thought about our modern world. One taught me lessons about myself — another taught me lessons about love — another taught me about friendship. They make me think. They challenge me. I cherish many of them. They are not all pleasure reading. They deal with difficult subject matter. Some require slight editing.

I was thinking of calling this “My Favorite Books” or “The Books That Have Influenced me the Most”…but I just can’t put numbers next to the books I love! To call some of them ‘favorites’ makes them sound like pleasure reading and at least one of them is not pleasureable to read at all. If I number them, I will be leaving out countless other books that I love. For instance, I’ve chosen two Austen books, but I really love all of Jane Austen’s books. The two included in my list make me think the most.

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