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Keeping the home: one of five

Five Part Series — Keeping the Home: Thoughts, Tips, and Step-By-Step Overhauls

Keeping the Home
Part 1of 5: Thoughts on housekeeping and things I do to keep my home

Those that know me fairly well know that I am all about having my cake and eating it, too! I want to clearly emphasize this important point: this series is not about putting your home before your family. I have never once done that and I would certainly not advocate it. If you’ve read my other blogs, you know that I am all about nurturing husbands and children. That takes time and energy and that is where I believe our focus should be centered. However, I do believe that, with planning and diligence, one can still maintain a clean home that is a joy for all. In addition to being a wife and mother, I am called to be a keeper at home. I have shared my thoughts on homemaking in various forums over the years, finally putting the tips together in this series. I originally wrote this over a period of weeks and I received a great deal of feedback, almost exclusively positive. I certainly don’t wish to discourage anyone, yet I cannot possibly please everyone with my tips. This is simply my effort to share what I have learned and what works for me. I do have a higher energy level than many of my friends (I’ve been told I have more hours in a day than most moms), though it is somewhat diminishing as I age. Simply put: I work quickly!

Disclaimer: If you are distressed, depressed, stressed, anxious, ill, or suffering any other crisis in your life, please do not attempt to overhaul your home. My thoughts are just that – my thoughts. Evaluate your own goals, make your own standards. It is my job to use my talents to be the wife, mother, and homemaker God expects me to be. I do that with all my might. You use your talents and do it with all your might. This is supposed to be encouraging, not overwhelming.

The following things are the things that we do to keep our home running smoothly, by our standards. While I now have older children who help with some of these chores, I was primarily responsible for them for many years while I was training them to help. Now, it is even easier because I already have an organized home and children trained to keep it that way. If housekeeping doesn’t come naturally to you and your children have not been trained to put everything in its place this will be a journey for you and it may not come easily.

My housekeeping motto—Everything has a place and everything belongs in its place when it is not in use!smiley

List of Common Chores Done Daily, or otherwise noted:

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