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Keeping the home: two of five

(Don't miss part one: Thoughts on Housekeeping and Things I do to Keep my home. This introduces the series and offers vital information to understand these tips and put them in perspective.)

Part Two: The ABC’s – Organizational Tips

Organizational Tip “A” — Acknowledge Your Weak Areas

Often people want things to change without wanting to make any changes. Before we effectively change habits, we must acknowledge a need for change! To change a habit permanently, we must do even more. We must begin to replace bad habits with good habits. When it comes to housekeeping, good habits can make all of the difference in the world. While this is simply an observation, I think it interesting that the good housekeepers I know all have certain good habits in common – and more importantly they do not have certain bad habits that are often traits of women who struggle with keeping their homes.

Before you make any long lasting changes in your home, you must first acknowledge that you have weak areas that need work. It might help to discuss them with others and get feedback. As harsh as this sounds, validation that you are a great housekeeper (if you aren’t!), is not good feedback. When we are seeking to make a change, we need an honest critique of our weak area. You may want to read blogs or books highlighting your weak areas (essays on home organization, de-cluttering, time management, effective scheduling). Finding out what habits you have that hinder good housekeeping is an invaluable tool to make necessary changes.

Sometimes it is difficult to recognize bad habits and understand how they hinder your efforts. Consider the following:

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