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Keeping the home: four of five

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(Thoughts on housekeeping and things I do to keep my home)

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Part Four: Step-by-Step-Overhaul—-Room #2 The Kitchen


Often I hear that kitchens are impossible to clean because they are used several times a day. Actually, the more you are in a room, the more opportunities you have to do tidying here and there. This makes the kitchen *easier* to clean in several ways.

Consider these times: waiting for water to boil, waiting for coffee to brew, waiting for cookies to bake, waiting for the family to come to the table for dinner…fill in any other time you have a few minutes in the kitchen and you have a few extra minutes to tidy up. When our older children were small there was a show on PBS with ‘the ten second tidy’— a whirlwind clean up – a small time investment that is a great benefit in the long run!

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