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Keeping the home: five of five

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Keeping the home: 1 of 5
(Thoughts on housekeeping and things I do to keep my home)

Keeping the home: 2 of 5 (The ABC’s – Organizational Tips)
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Part Five: Step-by-Step-Overhaul–Room #3 The Living Space (dens, living rooms, family rooms, etc.)

Remember this important disclaimer. This is not about creating a museum or an abode that you cannot abide. It is about cleanliness and order. If you don’t wish to have that…skip my tips.wink

If you struggle with these areas of homemaking, my goal is to help you along the way by sharing what I do to keep our home. Find what works for you. All of this—more than many want to know—is simply what works for me! This is how I make our home a haven from the world—a place we can be comfortable and a place that is comfortable for our guests…whether it’s one guest or fifty!

Once you know how to clean and organize one room, you can usually apply that same method to cleaning and organizing other rooms. These tips may sound repetitive, yet some find it helpful to have things broken down into specifics…even if it is nearly the same thing they did to get another room in order. I'll discuss cleaning and organizing hand in hand.

Ceremonial Grounds or Burial Grounds–A living room should be comfortable for the resident family. When we started setting up our home, Jonathan made one request of me. Everything in our home must be able to be used. He did not want a museum atmosphere! Think about it like this: a living room that cannot be lived in is not really a living room! No antiques that can’t be touched, couches that are lovely but uncomfortable, or items that one cannot afford to break would ever grace our home.

The living room is often the easiest space to organize and keep clean because it consists of larger furniture, less cabinetry and more space (in most cases). Yet, it can become a burial ground for everyone’s junk if not kept up. It is nice if the furniture can be used to sit instead of store! Clean it up and find your lost treasures!

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