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Lessons from a surprising source

fRUIT OF THE SPIRITDon’t waste your time on gossip, ridicule, envy, self-pity, anger, guilt, arrogance, impatience, regret, manipulation, jealousy, fear, worry, and anxiety. It’s too stressful, and it destroys the energy you need to stay healthy and fit. If you choose understanding, truth, clarity, patience, devotion, gratitude, acceptance, wisdom, and forgiveness you will have peace of mind and all the energy in the world to do whatever you want.

I found this gem while reading Tony Horton's Personal Laws of Success — yes, Tony Horton, the fitness guru himself, has something worthy of our attention besides lessons on taking care of our physical body!

Wow! I was amazed to find such great thoughts in a simple booklet on exercise! It reminded me a great deal of many things I find in God's word. If I were a wagering kind of gal, I would bet that most of us could list a scripture for each of the things he addresses! I know many of us can quote multiple verses that touch on these very things…yet how many of us are guilty of choosing from the first list? We *know* we ought not to make wrong choices, but we do it anyway and make excuses (often placing blame elsewhere)? We are to put OFF those ungodly things and to put ON those things that will bring us peace!

Do we realize when we let other people dictate our feelings … when we are reactive instead of proactive … we let others steal our peace, our joy, our happiness? There are people all over the world who are survivors. They survive unspeakable grief, unimaginable odds, and they LIVE! Don't be a slave to circumstance! Don't blame your bad behavior on others! Choose to serve God! Choose to imitate Christ! Choose love!

If we are letting God direct our steps, we will be blessed abundantly! If you do not have the peace that passes understanding — the peace that only God can give you, will you seek it? It's all up to us — we must seek God! He is waiting with open arms — not for automatons to follow him unwillingly — but for His children to love Him and give Him their hearts!

I'll tell you this, there is nothing as wonderful on earth for me as being in my husband's arms…the only thing better than that feeling is knowing that God holds me in the hollow of His hands!

Believe His word! Hide it in your heart! Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. (Psalms 37:4)

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