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He fed the sheep

If you love me, feed my sheep...

If you love me, feed my sheep…image by Sarah Perz

For a few hours one day, along with several of his closest friends, he turned away from his Lord. For a few days, he struggled with his faith…until the day His risen Lord returned and fed him on the seashore. One afternoon, he denied Christ, but for practically his entire life, he followed Him.

At another point in his life, he acted hypocritically and was rebuked for his behavior. He was a man dedicated to Jesus, but a man who sinned like any other man on earth.

Do you know Peter? He lived a life of service–he was an apostle, a preacher of the gospel, and a faithful elder (Read Acts and 1 and 2 Peter). We know by Jesus' words that he would even glorify Him by his death–which is described by both Tertullian and Origin historically as crucifixion with his head down.

Why do so many remember him primarily for his denial (for his failures) when he lived his life for His Lord? Why do we judge him primarily as an impulsive man, a weak man, a man of little faith? Think again. This was the old Peter. Peter changed. Peter grew. Peter wasn’t perfect, only Jesus Christ lived a sinless life, but Peter lived faithfully until death.

Do you remember that poignant moment on the beach (see John 21:1-19), the third time that Jesus showed Himself to His disciples? He multiplied the fishes, He fed them bread and fish, and He spoke intimately to Simon Peter.

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