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Yesterday I was clever…


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It is a universal truth that it is not within our power to make people change. We can suggest, admonish, rebuke, nag, beg, plead… still, change must be made from within. We can shine our light, influence, teach, mentor… still, we cannot force change. While it is not within our power to change others, and often we may not be able to change our circumstances, we always have the power to change ourselves. Sometimes when we let go of what we cannot change and work on what we can change, others may be learning and growing and changing as well. Sometimes the very thing we learn to adapt to or overcome may be removed.

Another universal truth is that every soul on earth will suffer. It is ONE thing we all have in common – as spouses, parents, children and friends. We must realize that how we handle challenges is far more critical to our well-being than the actual challenges themselves.

Sometimes life is difficult. However wonderful our circumstances, however much we love those around us, however blessed we are with material and spiritual blessings… still, hard times will come. Handling little daily struggles with less frustration, irritation and sensitivity paves the way for handling the much greater struggles of life with inner peace and fortitude.

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The thing we can do

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We hear often about commandments from God to pray for our leaders, unbelievers, ourselves, and the spiritually and physically weak and sick…but what about the well? Why do we wait for tragedy to pray for the saints? Why do we wait for the marriages to fall apart, the children to fall away, and Satan to rule the day? Why not seek God’s intercession in the status quo?

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