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Everyone else is already taken

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Surely every single social media participant has been inundated over the past few years by comments about the mommy wars. I can’t count how many different mommy war blog posts I’ve seen recommended over the past few months—no offense to mommy war bloggers—I basically see the same things stated repeatedly. Stop comparing. Be yourself. Live and let live. Honor and love one another. Rejoice in your talents. These are things we really ought to know anyway, frankly. Might I suggest that moms step out of the spotlight and consider the kiddie wars? Sometimes we really dislike behavior when it is directed at us, yet completely ignore it when it is directed at others!

The kiddie wars don’t seem to evoke nearly as much frustration on the interwebs. Yet, from the instant most children are born, the comparisons begin. In most cases from one minute after birth, children are scored on how well they tolerated the birthing process. Next, four minutes later, they are scored on how well they are handling life outside the womb. These APGAR scores begin a series of comparisons and tests that our children will face for their entire lives. In some cases, mothers submit to prenatal screening and diagnostic tests, and the scoring begins in the womb! more »

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