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Owning our actions as women of God

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If you’ve heard me teach or read my blog regularly, you may be familiar with my love of disclaimers. They are so handy, aren’t they? I always hope they’ll avoid someone taking one thing I’m teaching and failing to understand the greater context. I have that overwhelming desire to be understood and an absolute abhorrence of being misunderstood! I know that women tend to be overwhelmed by different topics and I don’t want my thoughts to leave anyone overwhelmed or unequipped or feeling inadequate. I want us to be empowered to be women of ACTION and even more!

What do unbelievers think of us – how are we representing the God we profess to serve? What do our actions say about us in the 21st century? There was a time when godly women made quite an impact on those around them! Consider what Libanius, a pagan writer in the fourth century, had to say about the women of God in his time, “What women those Christians have!”

Before we consider ACTION, keep in mind that I am not advocating ACTION without REST!! No matter your situation, rest can improve physical health, emotional well-being and most certainly – your attitude! Rest is absolutely critical. If you are interested in my thoughts on rest, go read my blog post entitled: Seeking Rejuvenation, Energy, Serenity and Tranquility.

  • You owe it to everyone you love (including yourself) to find pockets of tranquility in your busy world. ~ Author unknown

With that caveat, let’s look at ACTION. more »

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