Day to Day Living: Planting strong seeds of faith in little ones

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When we love God deeply, we want to instill that love in our children. We don't want them to adopt our faith, we want them to build their own faith! We want them to experience God's love and feel His grace and mercy. We want to see them walking in the footsteps of Jesus of Nazareth! How in the world do we do this? We are mere mortals: we are weak, we stumble and even fall. In spite of the best of intentions, we make the worst of mistakes! Still, God wants us to raise up godly offspring and with Him it is certainly possible! We can only show them the way, if He is leading our way!

 Love God first: Build your faith by studying God’s word. Meditate on His word and make it an important part of your daily life – reading, studying, and singing hymns. Speak of God’s story as the real story it is, remember the faithful men and women of God and emulate them in your life. Talk about the heroes of faith as the real people that you hope to meet one day in heaven. Know God’s word well enough that you can speak of it naturally and make use of teachable moments. Seek godliness and the virtues found in the word of God. When you fall and fail, stand up and own up! Let the peace you have from your hope in God calm your spirit. Let the counsel you gain from the word of God guide you in your daily decisions. Seek answers in the word and not the world! Serve God daily with love and thankfulness.

Love your husband well: Show your children that you love and honor their father. Love him in word and speak of him highly. Love him in deed by serving him and showing open affection to him. Let your children see you defer to him as your spiritual leader, even when you disagree! Let your children see you submit to him. Do not hide your love and attraction to him. Serve him in the ways that he needs and seek to be the kind of wife that he can rejoice in daily!

Love your children: Nurture your little ones and speak kindly to them. Let them see the law of kindness on your tongue and the joy in your heart. Sing to them songs about the Almighty God. Show them His awe and wonder. Let them see that you truly love them for who they are – with their strengths and weaknesses – let them feel your acceptance and your affection. Diligently and joyfully train them without anger, frustration or malice. Tell them God’s story over and over – and as already mentioned – teach them the wonders of the saints who have gone before: real people with real lives and real mistakes! Teach them daily with good examples and bad. Show compassion when they struggle and mercy when they fail. Patiently serve them as you teach them to serve others. Never make them feel that they are projects or trophies or burdens. Tell them daily that you love them. Pray with them and for them. Speak to them of God and let them see His light in your life.

Love God’s family: Teach your children to love the people of God. Study together in your home. Eat meals together. Sing together. Build strong relationships with brethren. Show your children that you love the church. Teach them to love the family of God by loving them yourself and supporting the family of God all over the world. Open your home often to encourage strong ties of affection between brethren. Bask in the spiritual blessings of brethren!

Love the world: Show your children that you love God’s creatures great and small. Show them the wonders of creation. Show them the amazing world that God provided for us. Show thankfulness for God’s physical blessings daily. Most of all show them that you love mankind. Show them to love others – even the lost, the seemingly hopeless – teach them to find good wherever it can be found. Open your home to the lost and to strangers. Teach them to love the souls of men.


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