For our lovely daughter

Hannah's Graduation Picture

Things I wish for my daughter as she becomes an adult…

I wish for her to remember that she
was welcomed with joy and excitement…

I wish for her to know that she was
cherished every hour of her childhood…

I wish for her to find the lights in the darkness
and look for the rainbows after every rain…

I wish for her to enjoy her artistic and literary talents
and to bless others with them…

I wish for her to find a husband who will cherish
her as I am cherished by her father …

I wish for her to love that husband with
the depth of love I have for her father…

I wish for her to love and nurture her own children
as she is loved and nurtured by us…

I wish for her to embrace homemaking and
enjoy caring for her home and family…

I wish for her to stand strong when others are weak…

I wish for her to seek wise and godly counsel
and to avoid the chatter of fools…

I wish for her to know that I believe in the brilliance of her mind,
the purity of her heart and the beauty of her character…

I wish for her to remember that no matter where she goes or
what she does she will always have my unconditional love…

I wish for her to seize joy, spread love,
build friendships, and count blessings…

I wish for her to rely on the word of God for answers,
to continually seek her Heavenly Father’s will, and to
follow the example of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in word and deed…

Our second child and oldest daughter, Hannah, turned 18 this month and will graduate next month. I repeated a few of the lines that I wrote for Jonathan II almost two years ago upon his graduation. They just seemed fitting for all of our children. Above is my offering to her — what my mother's heart wishes for her life!

As often as they are referred to as "The Perz Kids" or even, in the case of the four girls, "The Perz Girls" — those of you who really know our children know they are entirely individuals and all have their own strengths, weaknesses, quirks and personalities! Hannah is not just a Perz Girl…she is a unique individual and a blessing to everyone who knows her! She is gracious enough to let me 'brag' on her for this special occasion, but she is not a fan of 'showcasing herself' at all!

How do I find a way to describe Hannah? She started speaking in complete sentences and with a HUGE vocabulary before she even turned two — and she had the squeakiest voice I have ever heard. Adorable! She has been teased for that vocabulary her entire life…albeit lovingly…she has even taught me a few words (sometimes unbeknownst to her I had to look up a word she used). She doesn't use big words to show off, please understand that, it is simply a result of input/output!

Hannah enjoys texting (with correct grammar, of course). When I sent her a text once in text talk she responded with, "Cave Man Much?" She also enjoys Facebook — where she keeps in touch with her friends — especially the long distance ones. As for entertainment: Hannah and her sisters are enjoying a daily dose of Doctor Who. She loves all-things-British!

She has been a prolific reader since the age of 5! Her reading list is 45 pages long! Her favorite author is Tolkien. She has read The Lord of the Rings Trilogy more times than anyone else I know. She started out reading from every genre she could get her hands on…and turned out to be totally taken with fantasy (like her dad!).

She is an artist — she sketches amazing pictures — she especially enjoys anime-type drawing, but she *can* do most anything she sets her mind to when it comes to art! She also loves to use photographs she has taken and edit them on Picnik. She has designed some amazing things (including the case for my iPhone!)! Soon she will be working with her very own software that her dad picked out for her! They are planning a web-site in the near future!

She is an author — In November she participated in Nanowrimo…50,000 words in a month! She had already started a novel before her Nanowrimo novel, but branched off just for that. This means she has two novels in progress. This fall she entered a children's fantasy story in a contest for the 2012 Home School Anthology. She won 1st place for Best Short Story overall! The title of her short story, A Tale From the Fen, became the title of the Anthology and she was given the honor of choosing the cover art (sadly she couldn't enter the cover contest which she would have loved!). This week we received the book! Woohoo! Exciting!

Above all she is a godly young woman! She is deeply convicted, conscientious, kindhearted and modest — a wonderful example to her sisters and other young women. We are absolutely blessed to call her daughter! On April 13th we will officially celebrate her graduation! She plans to continue with her art and writing and — perhaps even take an online class or two if she finds something of interest! She is especially excited to have the opportunity to visit with her aunt and uncle in Florida in the early fall — we will go for a visit together and she will get to stay down there for a few extra weeks! She is very excited about this special graduation trip!

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  1. Cara Belknap says:

    She is indeed a Godly, lovely, accomplished and worthy young woman with many talents.  I have no doubt that God will bless her with many more in accordance with her abilities and faithfulness in accomplishing whatever her hand finds to do!  This was a beautiful and poignant tribute to your precious Hannah!

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