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Conviction brings a silent, indefinable beauty into faces made of the commonest human clay; the devout worshiper at any shrine reflects something of its golden glow, even as the glory of a noble love shines like a sort of light from a woman's face. ~ HONORE DE BALZAC

I ponder the plethora of solicited advice I've given in my life (and unsolicited at times if I thought it was necessary). One of my greatest strengths is also one of my greatest flaws. I am deeply convicted. I am almost never neutral. It is black or white and love or hate. There is no lukewarm. I am Conviction or Apathy. If I’m apathetic, of course, I rarely offer advice because I simply don’t care. If I’m convicted and I offer advice, I probably care too much. For those that know me, this is a given – there is the knowledge that my counsel is coming from a heart of love even when it feels like a cannonball to the face.

I was once told that one of the reasons I rubbed people the wrong way was because I was, "like a revolutionary rallying the troops." I really appreciated this insight into why I became an enemy when I told the truth or became the villain when I knew my motives were pure. I've never forgotten this wise observation. It planted a seed which eventually played a part in my quest to become gentler in my approach over the past decade, my quest to learn to be an encourager. Some of you may be shocked to think that this me is a new and improved version and even thanking God that you didn’t know me ten years ago. Some of you loved me then and now, thank you!

Religion, Parenting, Education – I am convicted. Take it or leave it, I feel strongly about everything – everything except, of course, the things I am strongly apathetic to even discussing. My husband’s description of our home is this: emotions in our home can be described in two ways: strong and stronger.

Who am I? I am passionate, convicted, intense and ardent! Yet, temperance demands that I balance my convictions with wisdom! I want to encourage, edify, share, teach and love. I want my clay to shine with the beauty of my conviction!

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