Toys R Us. Best. Deal. Ever.

I love to tell our story.

In 1991 I was attending USF (having transferred there from UF in '90) and working full time at Toys R Us to pay for my car and spending money (my parents paid in full for my college). I was sort of a job-hopper…I went back and forth from mall jobs (Dillards and Maas Brothers) to Toys R Us. I loved working in the mall, but frankly it was more fun at Toys R Us. I spent my free time working and my study time reading novels and writing papers (which is actually something I enjoy ;)).

There is a dark side to my story–sometimes it needs to be told–but sometimes it's just a minor theme. This deal I found at Toys R Us was the beginning of my walk in the LIGHT !

One day a new guy transferred to Toys R Us to work in electronics. I passed him now and then, but didn't really know him any better than the other guys there. I truly believe that God was watching out for me. This guy not only noticed me, but he set out to win my heart! One day he walked by me–and I'll NEVER forget this–somehow I REALLY noticed him–really, I can still picture this almost 20 years later. It's the stuff those silly movies are made of, but real life and the beginning of a wonderful life for us. 

From that point on we became friends. We went out to lunch often together on our break, hung out together, and chatted at our cars at closing time. He was the nicest guy I'd ever met. We had a few obstacles (Okay, one big one. I was engaged…). That guy had recently broken our engagement because he was convinced I didn't really love him and just wanted to get married…hmmmm, he had something there…. Shortly after Jonathan and I began to build a friendship, that guy decided to reconcile. This was the day Jonathan had gotten up the nerve to ask me out on a 'real' date–to a jazz concert. I will also NEVER forget when I had to tell him that I was engaged again and couldn't go out with him. I immediately regretted the reconciliation. Good thing I'm good at cleaning up messes. This one took some time, though.

I worked through my mess with a wonderful friend at my side. We gradually grew closer and I realized that I had found what I needed AFTER I already thought I had what I wanted. He was still the nicest guy I'd ever met, but now my heart was doing flips. Now I looked up at that tall, dark, handsome guy and I just knew that he was my Mr. Right. Staring at him over a table at a local establishment, listening to a friend from work play That's What I Like About You, surrounded by work friends…I just felt the magic. Too many romantic comedies? Maybe, but that was our moment and it is as real to me now as it was then. It was the moment that I knew that He was the one.

I truly believe that God knew our hearts were open to Him and blessed us and brought us together as an answer to my seeking-prayers—but that's another story. I prayed every night for a good man and a family…from the time I was a young girl…God blessed me beyond my simple dreams…God helped us find one another and then find Him.

So, I found my husband at Toys R Us. Best. Deal. Ever.

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