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Sally - H and J kickThere are a lot of things that families can do together:  activities that stem from a common faith,  recreational activities, character building activities (With a homeschooling family together 24/7,  every day working together as a family is character building ;))! I’ve written about many aspects of our lives on my blog — mostly things that stem from my convictions about faith and family. Interestingly enough, two things that most of us are interested in have only been touched on here: nutrition and exercise!  If you follow us on social networking sites, you may have already had your fill of our thoughts on these two things. I’ll sum up the first one simply: eat real food! Seriously, we’ve changed some of our thoughts on nutrition over the years, often based on science and nutrition studies (and if you know that two of our girls are vegetarians, you know that we don’t all agree!). One thing we know for certain is this: if God made it, we are generally fans of eating it! That means that fruits and vegetables are definitely good picks! As for exercise: it’s a given — do it!

Various types of exercise have been studied in great depth and one thing is certain: the benefits of regular physical activity are vast! Those who exercise regularly experience energy boosts, mood balancing, disease prevention, weight control, and fun! Exercising regularly is absolutely, beyond a doubt, considered to be one key to good health (the others keys are healthy eating and a healthy outlook)!

Understanding that exercise is beneficial is the first step toward making it a part of your life. Some people might need more encouragement than others to stay fit, and there are a few things that make it easier to exercise consistently. With all of the different activities one can choose, finding a way to be active really isn’t difficult! Sometimes people struggle with finding a way to be active and enjoying it! As is true for most things in life, exercise is usually more enjoyable with people you enjoy!

Our family has done all sorts of exercising together over the years: swimming, walking, running, Wi Fit, and DVD programs like P90X and Les Mills Pump. We enjoyed the benefits that come from solid exercise, but were still looking for something more. We had a few family members in martial arts (Tae Kwon Do) many years ago, but moved out of state and couldn’t find a similar program that suited us. Several of the kids longed to do martial arts again and we finally decided sign up our entire family for karate! We were lucky to have a friend who instructs at a local dojo and even luckier that the dojo offers amazing discounts for multiple family members! You cannot imagine the excitement when we told the kids that we were starting martial arts!

The family that kicks together sticks together! Yes indeed! We are all thoroughly enjoying learning karate at Kanzan Karate Do. We were welcomed into the karate family and have benefitted immensely from our time there. We have found one thing in particular that was lacking in our other programs: community! There is something motivational about being a part of a group of people who are all enjoying learning together – some for exercise, some for fun, and some for competition – but all working together!

Exercising in our living room was fun, walking at the park was refreshing, but working out several times a week with a great group of people is entirely different. Working toward a common goal, meeting students at all levels, learning from skilled teachers: this offers something that our other exercise choices didn’t begin to offer. Our family is enjoying karate together and we absolutely love it!

Your family might enjoy another form of exercise together – maybe even one of the ones that I mentioned above! What works for one family doesn’t work for every family! Maybe the members of your family are interested in different athletic pursuits? Support one another in efforts toward health and fitness! Taking care of our bodies will enable us to serve God more effectively — we will have the energy and the sound mental health that we need to serve others!

Sally - Family Karate

Note: Picture credit goes to Amanda Lovell. The top picture is Hannah (kicking) and Julia (blocking), the bottom picture is the seven of us that train together! We are eagerly awaiting the time that Jonathan 2 joins us 😉

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