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Sally - Career of motherhoodSeveral months ago, a mother posed a question about instilling the desire in young women to be keepers at home. With trepidation I publicly responded with our perspective–one I know is vastly different than most. The replies I received encouraged me greatly and I was delighted to know that many actually shared our thoughts and principles! I have adapted my original e-mail response to share with my readers at I know that believers and unbelievers alike appreciate the importance of mothers at home. However, if you do not believe that homemaking is a valid career choice, these ideas might be totally foreign to you.

If you have read much of my blog you will already know that I am fully convicted that my life as a homemaker (a wife, mother, and worker at home) is a full time career. Homemaking and mothering isn’t something that I fell into when I began having children. I fully believe that my place is at home and I made a conscientious career choice to be a homemaker.

With our convictions in mind, this is what we taught our four daughters:

  • PLAN A: Career Choice – full time wife, mother, homemaker. Our plan of action includes: training at home, learning at home, college only if desired.
  • PLAN B: Career Choice – other. Our plan of action includes teaching that this is only desirable if a young lady decides against plan A or if plan A never happens.

We are not of the same mindset as most families in that we do not force mandatory college or outside-the-home-career-finding in our daughters. They all have different interests, yet they all wish to be homemakers. While our two younger daughters have expressed a potential desire to attend college before they begin careers in homemaking … the two oldest have decided against college. And, I’ll be honest, we have received more rude comments than I ever imagined. From Christians. This is sad for so many reasons.

We have raised our daughters from day one to love homemaking and mothering and to seek a life as a wife and mother and homemaker as a career. We have placed great value on mothers at home and raising a family. We do not teach the “just in case”, “must have back up plan” philosophies. We do not make college mandatory, but we certainly don’t forbid it. We have made our daughters totally comfortable with the idea of living in our home until the time comes that they leave our home for a spouse. We have discussed options for if that doesn’t happen.

Because I was raised by a mother who was a stay at home mom, I was totally shocked when I was converted and discovered that there were so few stay at home moms. We determined that we needed to be proactive in such a world that fails to value homemaking as a career.

For those interested in instilling the desire for a career as a homemaker, here are some things that we feel encouraged our daughters:

  1. Be a godly example of a wife and mother who loves being at home, caring for the home, raising children and serving in her realm.
  2. Absolutely refuse to de-value homemaking in any way. Teach homemaking as a valid career choice, not a lesser life or as inferior to other careers.
  3. If you insist on your daughter attending college or making a career path “just in case” (and we absolutely don’t teach this), encourage her to choose something that can be of value to her future life as a homemaker.
  4. Consider homemaking and life as a stay at home wife and mother as the role God has designed for women.
  5. Do not encourage careers that will take daughters outside the home.
  6. Do not discourage young ladies who do NOT intend to be degree seekers as if their choice is somehow uninformed, unwise or inferior. This will not endear homemaking as a career to the hearers.



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  1. Stacey says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. In today's culture I feel like I am alone in this. I feel the same way. I got married when I was 19 to a career Air Force man. We met before worship started in Ramstein, Germany and we now live in Utah and have 2 young children. When people find out that I never went to  college, they look at me with shock. Thank you for affirming my decision

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